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Welcome to Kurland spa worlds

The company Kurland designs wellness, spa and health facilities that create exceptional worlds of emotions. The patented equipment and systems from Kurland has familiar names like Soft-Pack, Sabbia Med, Salve in Terra or Rasul and is well-known all around the world. For more than 50 years now Kurland’s wellness, spa and health facilities have been groundbreaking in spa-technology and treatment design and surpass known standards.

With innovative and cutting-edge systems and design, Kurland reinvents the future in the wellness and spa sector again and again. We know from our expertise: today’s modern, medical wellness has to have holistic, tangible effects. It’s not just the body that should relax but the mind and soul, too.

We work hard on designing and implementing cutting-edge technologies while focusing on your success and the needs of your guests and customers. You will benefit from our decades of experience.