One extremely original way of freshening up is our mill wheel shower, which is driven by water power. Alternating hot and cold water showers are ideal between treatments. They are considered to be a well proven method of stimulating the circulation. Alternating hot and cold water stimulates the immune system, toughens you up and gives germs less of a chance. That’s precisely why freshening up under our mill wheel shower is highly recommended. 

The effectiveness of the shower is comparable to a Kneipp treatment. The mill wheel scoops water out of the tub and the alternately warm and cold water, apparently coming from the mill wheel shovels, pours out in intervals onto your guests, refreshing and revitalising them. The hot and cold water is in fact fed from their own pipes behind the mill wheel. Treat your guests to a wonderful, unique, refreshing experience that is good for their health at the same time.