Palpable refreshment after heat treatment including a sensational experience: offer your guests a cool-down unlike standard methods, for example a cold basin.

A cool-down in a snowfall shower will be remembered by your guests for a long time to come. Ice cold snowflakes gently fall onto your guest’s hot body providing tingling, invigorating refreshment. It’s really good for their health too  as it stimulates the circulation, strengthens the immune system and firms skin. 

The ceramic ice fountain is also a highlight for any spa and wellness area. Here your guests can rub themselves with crushed ice after a sauna or time in the steam bath. The ice fountain is a refreshing experience but also a treat for the eyes too.

Naturally we offer you a whole variety of decorative showers, which enhance your relaxation rooms and also your spa and wellness complex’s public areas. The focus is on individual design and solid materials, such as stone, ceramics or copper. Ask us about the variety of options for equipping your establishment with exceptional “refreshing oases”.


Easy to install snowfall shower:

The snowfall technology is installed above the shower cubicle or in a suspended ceiling.

Special eye-catcher:

The snowfall technology can be attractively integrated into a shower with transparent walls as a special eye-catcher.

Ice machine for fountains:

The ice machine consists of a complete refrigeration system, adapted to the fountain’s ice requirements. The ice vent transports the crushed ice to the fountain.