Resting after heat treatments and the application of Kurland oils is incredibly important. It normalises the cardiovascular system and allows oils to penetrate the skin more effectively. We have a number of comfortable loungers for your guests to relax and chill out in, e.g. Savour Touch, the Convertible Bed, the Swiss pine shavings bed or a whole variety of different water beds. 

The quality of the relaxation lounger is incredibly important to make sure that your guest can relax all-round when resting after treatments. It’s not just about whether the lounger is comfortable and the material feels pleasant against the skin. The temperature regulating effect of the lounger is also extremely important. Having been overheated, for example after a sauna, the body can be assisted in normalising its temperature again by resting afterwards on a perfect lounger. 

Height adjustable, ergonomically shaped models, water beds, rocker and double loungers, relaxing swings and relaxation loungers that can also be used for treatments: take a look at our varied repertoire yourself. Our loungers are fitted with different features depending on the model, e.g. rests to elevate the legs, neck cushions, infrared light or electric drive.


Designs to suit your taste:

Your establishment’s relaxation room should harmonise perfectly with your wellness and spa area, no question about that.  There are a number of options to realise your personal design requirements. By the way, Mediterranean and Asian relaxation areas are particularly popular at the moment. We will be happy to show you some recent examples.