A highly effective full body treatment plus cosy warmth, subdued light and moisturising oils or cremes, herbs, moor mud, algae, flowers or leaves that work their magic on the skin: that’s the best way to describe the Soft-Pack® System. 

Tthe Soft-Pack® Original System from Kurland has established itself as an international standard for highly effective full body treatments. 40 years ago the wellness pioneer Paul Haslauer developed this exceptional system together with rheumatologists to achieve a positive effect on diseases of rheumatological origin. Today it is hard to imagine the wellness and spa sector without the Soft-Pack® system. 

How the treatment works: your guest lies comfortably in the Soft-Pack® system during the treatment and can relax in an almost weightless state. The body is wrapped in a special film. This has the advantage that the guest does not come into contact with water while the applied products (for example, moor mud, algae or special cremes) work their magic on the body. Due to the gentle water pressure the film caresses the guest’s body so that the active ingredients can absorb perfectly into the skin (occlusion effect: the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients is increased ten-fold by this method) 

Naturally a treatment can also take place in the Soft-Pack® system fully clothed without using any skincare products. The slowly rising temperature and almost weightless lying position have a positive effect on the muscoloskeletal system and relax the body in the event of any rheumatic discomfort.

In addition there are a whole variety of treatment options. More than 40 recipes make the Soft-Pack® system a thrilling experience for your guest. However, it is also this special, totally different feeling of well-being that makes this spa system so unique.

Trust our decades of experience and our more than 40 years of superior knowledge. You can be certain: with the Soft-Pack® original system from Kurland you are offering your guests an amazing full body treatment that is wonderfully relaxing for both the body and soul. 

Our Soft-Pack® system designs:




Long life, the best materials:

Thousands of Soft-Pack® systems made from chromium 

nickel steel as base material have proved themselves day in day out all over the world in different practices and spas – for roughly 40 years now.

Special film:

Totally soft and supple, available in two different colours only from Kurland.

Individual designs:

Med, Day Spa, Pure or Sense Soft-Pack® system: select from a whole range of different versions. Covers are possible in classic Skai® leather or reinforced glass fibre plastic (GRP) and can also be made in wood, stone or tile versions (depending on the model). With the Day Spa, Pure and Sense versions you can choose from a range of 200 colours (RAL). 

Ready to plug in delivery:

The Soft-Pack® systems have an integrated pump, do not need any compressed air and are supplied ready to plug in. 

Easy to clean:

The Soft-Pack® systems are extremely easy to clean.


Low maintenance costs due to lifting technology with integrated pump and high level of operational reliability with low running costs. Due to the low material consumption it is possible to use pure products (cremes, oils, moor muds, etc. without diluting them).

Instruction and support:

Technical instructions for assembly and support from our field service staff.




Regardless of which Soft-Pack® model you choose you can equip each individual table with the innovative “Soft Touch” stream jet technology as an additional feature. Your guest’s back and shoulders are gently massaged underneath with a water jet at programmed intervals. The resulting vibrations work deep-down in the body and also activate our inner organs. By the way, “Soft Touch” can also be used for short treatments without the guest having to get undressed. Pamper your spa visitors with this very special wellness experience. 


Offer your guests a music experience during the treatment in the Soft-Pack® system, which is not just a treat for the ears but which can be felt with all your senses too. The Soft Music vibration generator including amplifier makes this possible. You can put together your own music programme for your guests on the supplied MP3 player. Your guests’ individual music requests can also be met. A connection can be established between the vibration generator and MP3 player using a USB stick.