The warm, comfortable sitting niches with Swiss pine shavings or aromatic alpine hay do the back a power of good and have a number of positive effects on health.

The hay bath is a well-established tradition from the Alps. Kurland has made a modern spa treatment out of this with the Swiss pine lounger and Kraxenofen®. When the guest is seated, heat rises through the hay pads and the essence of alpine hay spreads its scent from behind the comfortable heated seats, with the herbal mist softly stroking and relaxing the backs of your guests. The pelvic muscles are also gently warmed up. To maximise the benefits the guest is enveloped in a covering to retain the warmth and target the back and neck region during the experience. 

The characteristic essence is released from the essential oils (coumarin) in the hay and has a soothing and invigorating effect whilst unblocking the respiratory passages in a miraculous way. Swiss pine on the other hand provides inner peace, improves physical and mental resistance, is good for concentration problems and tension and can help you to sleep well. 

Easy handling makes the Swiss pine lounger and Kraxenofen® an interesting and valuable spa product. 


GRP body with integrated technology:

Easy and quick to assemble – can also be covered.

Light barrier:

A light barrier ensures that the system runs autonomously, which means low personnel costs and energy consumption.

Ideal before any massage:

As it gently warms up the back and neck muscles

Easy to clean and maintain:

Minimal cleaning costs as a result of the ready-made hay mats and Swiss pine cushions as well as easy to clean seats with GRP surface.

Versions with wheels:

The Kraxenofen® and Swiss pine lounger is also available as a mobile version with wheels. As a result, you can also use the unit quickly and easily anywhere in your spa complex.