Great innovations


A tireless inquiring mind, the courage to try something new, the ability to look outside the box and unconventional ideas: these are the foundations for spa and wellness treatments of the future. At Kurland we recognised this spirit of the age decades ago and took a pioneering role in terms of spa innovations. 

With exceptional worlds of emotions, patented equipment and systems from Kurland that have familiar names like Soft-Pack®, Sabbia Med®, Salve-in-terra® or Rasul®, we have been livening up the market for 50 years now and offering a repertoire for wellness, spa and health facilities that is far removed from well-known standards. 

From innovative products to totally new unprecedented systems, we reinvent the future in the wellness and spa sector time and time again. With the knowledge in mind: modern, medical wellness must have a holistic, tangible effect today. It’s not just the body that should relax but the mind and soul must also wind down. 

We work hard on implementing new technologies and always bear your success and the needs of your guests and customers in mind in the process. However, innovation is not the only thing by far that matters in this sector. Energy efficient, economical products and systems with sustainability are important. These essential aspects are also given top priority when planning, designing and implementing our services and products.

We also don’t make life easy for ourselves in terms of design. Even though glass and stone are currently trendy in the spa sector, we focus on individuality. Our motto is, “You ask, we supply”. You can be assured that  you receive customised products from us that are tailored to your establishment’s requirements and style. 

Kurland Spaworlds launches products on the market today that become the standards of tomorrow. We have already received multiple awards for this commitment, for example with the European Health & Spa Award for the best technological spa innovation. For us this is confirmation that we are on the right track with our flair for innovative systems and equipment. 

We are proud that we have been taking a pioneering role in the spa and wellness sector for years and will continue to stir up the market in future with revolutionary inventions that will make your establishment something really special. Trust our decades of experience and the special service that you enjoy from us. As cooperation does not end for us with the purchase of one of our services or products. With Kurland you always have a strong, reliable partner by your side. 

On our website you can find our current offers that we can completely tailor to your ideas.  In addition: you can also lease all our equipment. Simply ask our Spa Design team about the variety of options.


  • The planning and design of your spa and wellness area
  • Delivery and installation of the systems and equipment
  • Training: courses on how to use our equipment, systems, products proberly, special courses
  • Spa Products: cremes, cosmetics, oils, herbs, peloids, natural healing compounds, accessoires, and much more
  • Expertise: preparing special recipes and tailor-made treatment concepts
  • Service: full service and technical suport- even after purchase