Spending time in the Sabbia Med® makes you feel like you’re on  holiday and is ideal for people who suffer from the winter blues, seasonal affective disorder. The system is also perfect for specific treatments, e.g. massages.  

Even in the cold, dark season when the human eyes and skin only get a few rays of sunshine, our whole being needs a good dose of sunlight to function and maintain its balance. In Sabbia Med® your guests can top up on light, heat and that holiday feeling at any time, even in the winter. 

A wonderful summer’s day is simulated in Sabbia Med® – from sunrise to sunset. Clean, warm, light sand and gentle light with the pleasant intensity of a summer’s day accompanied by subdued relaxing music let you forget grey days and the dark side of winter for a brief time. 

Sabbia Med® offers constant brightness similar to daylight, gentle UV radiation and stimulates the metabolism. Spending time in Sabbia Med® is particularly recommended for people who suffer from the winter blues (seasonal affective disorder) as a result of its light therapy effect.

By the way, the room is also ideal for specific spa treatments, for example massages with that special flair. 

The Sabbia Med® system is of course also available without sand. The light source can simply be integrated as an additional source in your relaxation area. 


Perfect lighting arrangement:

No irritating light for the eyes thanks to ideally arranged light sources and ceiling mirror to reflect light.

Customised design:

By designing the walls with illusionistic paintings or covering them with a whole variety of materials, coloured lighting module as well as customised programming.

Hygienic sand surface:

An integrated UVC sterilisation lamp ensures a hygienic sand surface.