Permanent Contour®

Massage with steamed herb poultices

With the patented Permanent Contour® steam unit (Europat.) – winner of the European Health & Spa Award – soothing facial and partial body treatments and full body treatments are possible. Perfectly steamed and evenly temperature- controlled herb poultices are carefully guided over the body and give the guest the feeling of being gently touched by a warm hand. Body treatments, treatments for spiritual well-being or beauty treatments: the possibilities are endless with Permanent Contour®, depending on what poultice or pack is used.

In January 2016, the “VIST Higher School of applied Sciences, Institute for Cosmetics” in Ljubljana (Slovenia) conducted an independent study on the effectiveness of our Permanent Contour® steam poultice massage compared to classic massage. For the test people of both genders aged between 25 and 65 were chosen. Each test subject evaluated the following after the treatment: well-being, mood, muscle relaxation and rest factor. In all 4 categories, the assessment of the Permanent Contour® massage was significantly higher than for classic massage. In a further step, therapists rated the warming of the tissue, softness of the skin and skin elasticity, both before and after massage. Here too, the result for the Permanent Contour® massage was significantly better than for classic massage.

Our Permanent Contour® treatments: