Permanent Contour® Body Packs

Herbs and Swiss Pine

The relaxing body packages can be added to a cosmetic treatment or done separately. The steam warms the body, releases essential oils and the fragrances help to relax.

Scents arouse memories and emotions faster than any other stimulus because they go from the nose straight to the limbic system and start to work before we are even aware of it. The combination of heat, the soft touch of the massage pads and massage provides an extraordinary relaxation experience for the body and the soul.


  • quick to prepare insert the pad, switch on the device, done (just a short heating up period)
  • less physical effort for the therapist – only needs little pressure
  • no need to change the pad (the temperature always stays the same)
  • the pads come individually packed in the practical dispenser box
  • pre-filled pads – no mixing, filling and tying
  • dimensions: 36.5 x 27.5 x 20 cm, weight (unfilled): 8.5 kg