Permanent Contour® Relax Emotion

For body and soul

Herbal stamp massage according to the 4-elements teachings – fire, water, earth, air. The aim of this treatment is to cater specifically to each guest’s character and to bring body and soul back into harmony.

Warm oil runs over the therapist’s hands on to the body, is spread slowly and is massaged into the skin. The herbal scent unfolds and moves the guests into deep relaxation. The warm massage pad glides over the body’s outline and smells wonderful. Let go, forget the stress, be spoilt – it has never been so easy.


  • quick to prepare insert the pad, switch on the device, done (just a short heating up period)
  • less physical effort for the therapist – only needs little pressure
  • no need to change the pad (the temperature always stays the same)
  • the pads come individually packed in the practical dispenser box
  • pre-filled pads – no mixing, filling and tying
  • dimensions: 36.5 x 27.5 x 20 cm, weight (unfilled): 8.5 kg