Salve-in-terra® – awarded with the Health Spa Award as the best technical spa innovation – is a wellness system that not only provides skincare treatments but also entices your guests into a world of emotions.

W ith Salve-in-terra® the wellness experience for couples is taken to a whole new level. Closeness, feeling, touching and rediscovering your partner’s beautiful qualities are the focus with this spa treatment.

Once the setting has been adjusted totally to the couple’srequirements with seductive scented oils, images, lighting effects and atmospheric music, the actual treatment on the heated bed can begin. Skincare products, e.g. a warm creme peel or blends with caviar or truffles are applied to the body. The relaxing swaying of the bed enables your guests to gently slide back and forth, resulting in gentle contact while the applied products work their magic on the body. 

Just before the end of the treatment the couple can treat themselves to a very special experience. The sides of the bed are folded up like a clam. For a brief moment of intimacy the bodies slide up close to each other. The skin is then cleansed with a warm tropical rain shower or a refreshing ice rain shower, whichever your guests prefer. 


Automatic bed and room cleaning programme:

Guaranteeing low personnel costs. 

Individually adjustable programme:

Tropical or ice rain shower at the end of the treatment. Option of joining together or not. The duration, steam production and much more can be individually adjusted.

Easy to install:

The system is installed quickly and ready for your guests to use in just a few days. 

Integrated hand showers:

Two hand showers are integrated in the cabin so it is not necessary to have any external showers in the ante room.

Pleasant to lie on and good sliding properties:

The special surface of the Salve-in-terra® makes it pleasant to lie on and ensures good sliding properties – regardless of your guests’ stature.

Tasteful lighting:

Mood lighting effects with Swarovski crystals, spotlights and coloured lights are possible.

Different treatment products:

From algae to moor mud to the special Kurland Salve-in-terra® creme peel 




Besides the automatic room cleaning programme, the system’s durability as a result of the robust, glass fibre reinforced plastic surface (GRP) and low personnel costs, we mainly placed great importance on the variety of possible uses with Salve-in-terra®. 

This not only means many different treatments are possible in the system (see next page) but the Salve-in-terra® with acrylic glass cabin can also be perfectly integrated into the smallest wellness and spa areas and become a highlight at your establishment. 

There is of course also the option of installing Salve-in-terra® without a cabin in a special easy to clean room. Simply ask us about the variety of options. 

Although the focus is on wellness for couples with Salve-in-terra®, treatments can of course also be carried out for singles or friends and it is an experience that your guests will remember for a long time to come. 



Herbs, oils, cremes, muds, moor mud or algae: All the natural healing products are ideal for application in Salve-in-terra®. 

How about, for example, a moisturising goats’ butter creme bath, popular due to its skin refining, nourishing, energising and anti-inflammatory properties? Or a luxurious aphrodisiac treatment with caviar and precious truffle extract? Algae or Rügen healing chalk are ideal for skin; guests feel fresh and revitalised after this treatment. 

Ask us about the many treatment options in Salve-in-terra® and how the individual products affect the body, mind and soul. 

Moisturising, stimulates the metabolism, purifying, stimulates cell renewal, relaxes muscles, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, soothing or stimulating: at Kurland there is an incredible variety of products for this unique system. You can also find more information online at: