In former times the residual heat of the bread baking oven was used to alleviate rheumatic discomfort and also to free yourself of evil thoughts and sins. Today the breadbath is an unusual wellness facility with its wonderful fragrance.  

At pleasant temperatures between 30° to 45° Celsius, the unique fragrance of freshly baked bread and mild, dry heat are wonderfully relaxing.  The centre point is a big bread baking oven spreading the pleasant scent of bread while guests can unwind in comfortable heated seats and profit from the health benefits of the wonderful fragrance too. The released sour dough enzymes have a special effect on the body. They stimulate the metabolism and help digestion.

As a result of its mild temperature the breadbath can also be used ideally as a relaxation room with a special flair or as a “starter” for subsequent spa and wellness treatments. 

This system’s unique bonus: your guests can satisfy their peckishness with freshly baked bread from the oven in between their individual spa and wellness treatments.  



A unique wellness bath:

Relaxing in the breadbath is a unique experience and an unusual alternative to standard heat baths or relaxation rooms. 

Great before spa treatments:

As the breadbath activates the metabolism, any subsequent treatment is very effective. As a result, this heat bath is the perfect start to a relaxing spa day.  

Easy to clean and maintain:

The hygienic seats, e.g. made from high quality GRP are easy and quick to clean and very durable. The bread baking oven does not require any maintenance.