Pleasant and agreeable temperatures, high humidity, genuine herbal aroma, soft lights and relaxing music: your guests could not experience a better classic steam bath. The skin is supplied with blood, the respiratory passages cleansed, and the immune system strengthened. The focus is on “anything but ordinary”. As we offer you steam baths that have more than standard systems. For example, the integrated experience functions, Hamam tables for soap lathering massages or a programme for Rasul® treatments. 

The Kurland steam bath with integrated herb evaporator is the modern alternative to the Oriental steam bath, the Hamam. Our steam baths are generally equipped with a round lying surface, similar to the original from the Orient. 

The interaction between beneficial steam, an agreeable temperature between 43° and 46° Celsius, high humidity, natural herbal scents and a pleasant conductive transfer of heat in the seating area guarantees your guests a pleasant, stimulating steam bath experience.

Of course, the design will be tailored to your requirements. There are plenty of options for turning your steam bath into something exceptional, e.g. integrated systems for Rasul® and soap lather treatments or special ceiling ventilators. A combination of a steam bath and Hamam is also possible, where not only soap lathering massages can take place but also peels or oil treatments. The required climate (humidity, temperature) can simply be adjusted for the function by touchscreen. 

Our steam baths consist of a completely water-tight and steam-proof cabin and benches. The flooring, wall and bench tiles are tailored to the style of your establishment. 



Make more of your steam bath and offer your guests a real experience with special highlights, e.g. ventilators, snowflakes falling from the ceiling, mist sprays, romantic, fancy lighting arrangements, Hamam flair or multi-functional steam baths, where even Rasul® treatments are possible.  

One extremely popular version is the steam bath experience with integrated final cool-down. 

First of all the body is exposed to successive heat shots. The temperature in the cabin rises continuously.

Before the guests leave the steam bath again, they are refreshed with tingling ice crystals or cool rain.  As the cool-down is automatic and guests do not have to take care of refreshment themselves after sweating, for example in the sauna or standard steam bath, there is also less risk of them not cooling down sufficiently. This is gentle on the cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system.

If you already have a usual steam bath and would like one or two “experience effects” for your system, we will be happy to equip it with additional features based on your requirements. 


Individually controllable programme:

Steam bath production, ventilation time, seat and room temperature: you can choose the ideal room climate yourself. 

Water preparation:

No calcifying, an almost maintenance-free system with a high level of reliability.

Mood lighting:

Coloured light bars or a starry sky with Swarovski crystals: light creates a very special mood. Choose from many possible options. 

Treatments while in the steam bath:

Additional sales due to peels or salt treatments in the steam bath.

Genuine herbal aroma:

Our steam system allows for the use of real herbs.