The snowfall shower with snowstorm effect!

Kurland® SnowBliss reliably provides - at the press of a button - what winter cannot always offer: the perfect amount of snow for extraordinary refreshment. SnowBliss offers an intense and unique experience and is more than just cooling after the sauna or steam bath. Enjoy the power of nature up close and right in the spa.

In Scandinavia, it is traditional to warm up in the Sauna in winter and then enjoy the snow for cooling. If there is no snow, then part of the Nordic ritual is missing. With our SnowBliss, you can offer your guests this special experience all year long, independent of the climate, time of year or geographical location of your spa. We bring the Arctic into your spa. At the simple press of a button, the snow drifts down in "snowfall" mode. For a more intense experience, select "snowstorm" to be surrounded on all sides by swirling snowflakes - thunder and lighting included.

Kurland SnowBliss® is the result of needs-based research and development. The experience should occur immediately, without waiting times, and as naturally as possible. The drifting snow crystals have the properties of corn snow, as skiers know it. The snow therefore only melts on the skin - not in the air.The effect is an extraordinarily refreshing feeling as can seldom be found in nature - and quite simply at the press of a button, at any time of year.

Exceptional Wellness concepts are our forte, which is why Kurland® developed SnowBliss for easy integration in to any spa and any conceivable, individual design.



  • immediate snow production
  • perfect amount of snow
  • snowfall at the press of a button
  • two functions: Snowfall or snowstorm
  • individually adjustable wind jets
  • Sound and lighting effects
  • drifting snow crystals



Useful information

Integration into existing spaces:

The SnowBliss technology can be integrated easily into existing spaces.

Individual designs:

The cabins are individually customisable with walls made from glass, natural stone, tiled or with individual photos.


Cabin dimensions: 200 x 200 x 100 cm

Dimensions for SnowBliss technology: 200 x 130 x 100 cm

Overall dimensions: 200 x 330 x 100 cm





Technical Details:

  • Snow technology for approx. 1000 kg/24 h or for 500/24 h of snow (water-cooled unit)

  • Airflow technology

  • Ceiling module made from GRP for integration into a suspended ceiling (various colours available)

  • Illuminated buttons with stainless steel covering panel.