Seduce your guests into a dream from “One Thousand and One Nights”. In the Rasul®, an invention by the wellness pioneer Paul Haslauer, not only is skin pampered and perfectly cared for but your mind and soul can also let go.

Wellness pioneer Paul Haslauer has turned a thousands of years old Oriental cleansing and skincare ceremony into a modern system that has become an essential element of many spa businesses: the Rasul®. The Oriental ambience of the Rasul® alone will impress your guests. Ornately painted, handmade ceramics, spectacular colours, towering minarets and a deceptively real looking starry sky entice you into a world from “One Thousand and One Nights”. 

What the skincare ceremony involves: following a short cleansing shower, healing muds are applied to the body and slowly dry in the Rasul®. The room is then heated up and humidified. Mists of steam float through the room, accompanied by the subtle fragrance of herbs with soft music playing in the background. Guests snuggle into the ergonomic heated seats and enjoy the sensation of the warmth and atmosphere in the Rasul®. 

The muds on the body become damper again thanks to the humidity in the room and can be rubbed. The effect: dead skin is gently removed and the metabolism is stimulated. The experience in the Rasul® ends with a warm tropical rain shower that washes the muds off the body. Leaving skin feeling moisturised and silky soft.  However, the Rasul® from Kurland can also do a lot more. It’s not just treatments with special Rasul® muds that are possible. We will also be happy to equip your system with a lathering system for Hamam soap lather massages, on request. Ask us about treatments with precious creme and steam bath peels, muds, soap or chalk too.  

By the way, it won’t be just your guests who love the Rasul®, your personnel will be happy too. As the system is so easy to clean that you could almost say it does it automatically. 


Steam-proof cabins:

Completely steam-proof cabins made from GRP, consisting of a floor assembly, walls, seats and dome. 

Comfortable seats:

The GRP seats are ergonomic as well as being easy and quick to clean. A special feature is the heating that reaches as far as the upper back area. 


Washbasins are integrated into the seats’ armrests, which provide fresh water. Guests can therefore wash their hands after applying the muds. 

Open pipework through sedimentation basin:

A sedimentation basin is integrated in the floor assembly, which collects the mud and other products.

A perfect room climate:

An ideal room climate is guaranteed due to the recirculation of heat at intervals. 

Easy to maintain:

Setting programmes, software updates and troubleshooting are done conveniently and quickly through our technology department by phone.




In the Rasul® it’s not just a unique skin care ceremony that awaits your guests but there is also plenty to please the eye.  The system’s design can be tailored totally to your personal requirements.

Classic with handmade ceramics in Oriental colours and with a sparkling starry sky: that’s the traditional Rasul® modelled on the Orient. It is extremely popular as a result of its authenticity and is the closest you can get to the original concept of a Rasul®  Even before they enter the Rasul®, guests are captivated by the Arabian flair: an opulent domed roof, Oriental fountain, elaborately wooden carved doors and a handmade ceramic floor painted with a great love of detail make the spa treatment an experience from the very first minute.

Naturally, other design versions are also available besides the classic model. Modern and with clear lines, in Mediterranean or Asian style or to follow current trends, for example in a Zen look or natural design that skilfully plays with organic elements: whatever you want your Rasul® to look like, we have a large selection of a whole range of designs. 



T he Rasul® design with four seats is ideal for medium and larger spa and wellness areas. Here your guests can relax in a small group and let the precious muds or other products, such as soap lather, work their magic. 

The 4-seater Rasul® provides plenty of space for your guests and therefore gives every single user enough room for themselves. Each seat has its own washbasin.There are of course no limits when it comes to your requests for design and colour. Modern, unusual, minimalist with clear lines – anything is possible.

Besides the 4-seater Rasul® larger Rasul® versions are also possible, for example for seven people. Ask us about possible customised designs. 



The experience in the Rasul® can also be enjoyed as a couple in a private atmosphere. If you do not have much room in your spa, we highly recommend the space-saving Day Spa version. It can also be perfectly integrated into a hotel suite. 

Naturally the 2-seater Rasul® and the 2-seater Day Spa model are also possible in a whole range of designs, from traditional to modern. 



We have a variety of high quality muds that are supplied ready to use specifically for application in the Rasul®. These are purely inorganic products from Germany that are made from pure rock flour and mixed with water. The muds can help to remove pollutants and waste from the skin, they peel and firm skin and prepare it perfectly to absorb other skincare products, e.g. warm oils.

At Kurland there is a whole variety of muds with different effects, tailored to the individual parts of the body.  However, treatments with chalk, soap, creme and steam bath peels are also possible.

We will be happy to advise you in depth about our products and how to use them properly in the Rasul®. You can find more detailed information about the effects at: www.kurland.info