70° to 100° Celsius and a relative humidity of 3 to 8 percent: in the classic, Finnish sauna, which has a centuries-old tradition, your guests will find an oasis of relaxation where they can do their health a power of good. 

You do not receive off-the-peg saunas from us but customised solutions that are tailored to your requirements. The systems can be operated with different functions, for example as a classic Finnish sauna but also as a bio sauna, vitalising herbal bath or hot air bath, always with different temperatures and humidity.   

The seats are generally arranged in tiers around the sauna oven. The oven can be placed along a wall but also in the centre of the sauna and covered with different materials – we also adapt totally to your ideas here. With the interval-controlled ventilator in the sauna’s ceiling the hot air does not stay on the ceiling but pleasant heat shots are also pushed down. The climate in the sauna is pleasant and even thanks to the perfect circulation of ambient air.

You can choose from many types of wood (for example, spruce, hemlock, waste wood) for your sauna. There is no limit when it comes to requests for design too. Rustic and traditional or modern and unusual: anything is possible.   


Different functions:

For example, Finnish sauna,bio sauna, vitalisingherbal bath, vitalising steam bath or hot air bath

Individual design – made in Germany:

Any design is conceivable: from rustic to minimalist. Our saunas are made in Germany. 

Interval-controlled ceiling ventilator:

Programmed heat shots for the perfect circulation of ambient air and ideal climate in the sauna