Hot stone, ice cold water, steam that spreads throughout the whole room:  the Stonebath® is an impressive sauna that was modelled on the elemental forces that occur deep-down in the earth’s core. Infusions in the Stonebath are a ceremony with entertainment you can see, hear and feel. 

Guests relax at a room temperature of 50° to 70° Celsius, while massive mineral stones are heated in an oven. The heated stones are removed from the oven at regular intervals that you can choose yourself and are cooled down in a basin filled with cold water. 

During this spectacular process, the sizzling stones set free their valuable minerals, which spread throughout the room in the form of aerosols and it has the same effect as an inhalation treatment. A gentle but continuous increase in humidity and room temperature is achieved through the repeated lifting and lowering of the basket during your stay in the Stonebath®.  The mild overheating is intensified through targeted heat in the seating area. 

The Stonebath® is also available with integrated energy-saving mode. Here you can switch from the permanent mode to the energy-saving programme mode. The system is switched on before entering the Stonebath® . 


Pleasant room temperature:

A room temperature between 50° and 70° Celsius makes the Stonebath a gentle sauna. It is ideal for people who react sensitively to high temperatures and also for children and older peop

Controlled heat shots:

Thanks to the interval-controlled ceiling ventilator, the warm air does not stay up on the ceiling, but is pushed down at specific intervals. This leads to more even heat distribution. 

Show effect:

The hot stones that are immersed in the cold basin and the steam that spreads throughout the room are not just good for the body. It’s really something special to watch this different kind of infusion.